Hy-Du-Ex has emerged as a leading supplier of protective covers
and canvas products in Australia & International Markets.

When it comes to expanding horizons,
Hy-Du-Ex sets an example. We cater to a large number of global customers Australia wide and Internationally.

From the outset Hy-Du-Ex‘s endeavor has been to deliver excellence in terms of
high-end products and exceptional service.

Hy-Du-Ex is a leading manufacturer of Protective covers. Engineered products such as Bellows and Concertina covers for Pneumatic Cylinder Rods , Bellows for Hydraulic Cylinders , Dust Excluders, Bellows for Screw Jack Covers , Ball Screw Covers , Slide Bearing Covers , Rod Boots , Linear Bearing Covers , Linear Motion Covers , Table lift covers, Expansion Joints , Flat Bellows , Roller Blind Covers , Way Covers.

Hy-Du-Ex also provides Contract Industrial Sewing and manufactures Covers for Machinery and expensive equipment. Hy-Du-Ex prides itself on Technology to deliver the best Engineered Products available to the Industry. email us or call us to discuss the matter. Our experience will help provide you with the best PROTECTION.

Hy-Du-Ex has emerged as a leading supplier of protective cover and canvas products in Australia & International Markets. For more than 50 years and Driven by commitment and dedication These products are designed to protect machinery, reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure safety.

Hy-Du-Ex uses high grade raw materials that are suitable for almost any environment. These products enhance the longevity and efficiency of the processes and equipment.


Call or email us and we can explain to you why our technology and experience makes a difference to quality and longevity.

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