Slide Bearing Covers are used for Machine Protection in applications where there is close proximity of moving parts and often excludes the feasibility of static protective enclosures. The machines or tools that are being used may create an environment in which its parts must be protected from its work processes, yet need to move without obstruction. This is why you need a Dynamic Flexible Cover as a solution. Hyduex can help you!

Replacing critical machine components usually exceeds the cost of adding replaceable protective guarding, especially in the case of precision ways or ball screws.

Keeping foreign materials and objects away from moving components can prolong the life of your equipment.

Hyduex Slide Bearing Covers are designed to keep dust dirt chips oils coolants sparks and other abrasives out.

Types of Slide Bearing Covers we can offer are,

Fabric Bellows are the most flexible for adaptation to high speeds and smooth-gliding applications. They are available in varying shapes, size, and materials including elastomer-coated fabrics, thermoplastics, and coated aramid fibers.

Fabric Roll-Ups are capable of high-speed operation and are also available in many material options. They are ideal for travel paths with space obstructions that preclude deeper cover profiles.

Aluminum Roll-Ups are constructed of linked extrusions to form a barrier against hot chips, coolants, and oils.

Factors that should be considered when choosing a protective way cover?

  • Temperature conditions including ambient temperature and nearby heat sources
  • Exposure to environmental threats such as dust, oils, acid, coolant, weld spatter, etc
  • The speed (velocity and acceleration) of the cover and frequency of cycle
  • Vacuum or pressure conditions
  • Load-support requirements (e.g., walk-on surface for inspection or maintenance, heavy chip load, or protection from dropped tools)
  • Orientation of cover travel (horizontal, vertical, cross rail/frontal, ceiling/roof cover)


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