Sewn Bellows are the most popular manufactured Bellows because they are quick to manufacture, any shape, cost effective and a large range of materials available. They cater for a vast range of applications that are cost effective. They are ideal for protecting Rods, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Shafts, Screws and Shafts, Slide Bearings, and Table Lifts etc.

  • Shapes can be Round, Square, Rectangular, practically any shape.
  • Cost effective and very quick because no Tooling is required and we can manufacture any quantity and any size.
  • Sewn Wire Support Bellows – if you need a large Bellow, Hy-du-ex’s Wire support will provide exactly what you need.
  • Sewn Zippered Bellows for ease of installation where there is no need to dismantle shaft and components, a Sewn Bellow with a zipper is most convenient. We can also offer, closure snaps, Velcro Hook fasteners.

Welded Bellows –  are available to allow an Air Tight Bellow that is water tight without the need for an expensive Mold to manufacture. They are very cost effective and no need for large quantities. Sewn Bellows are shower proof but not completely water Tight. Welded Bellows offer as close as possible to a Water Tight solution.

  • Airtight
  • Last Longer Sewn & Welded together – is the Optimum Longevity
  • Cost effective

Large Range of Materials available

  • Neoprene Coated Nylon
  • PVC Coated Nylon can be welded to achieve an Airtight Bellow
  • Hypalon Coated Nylon
  • Viton Fiberglass
  • PTFE Coated Fabric
  • Silicone Coated Fiberglass
  • Aluminized Fiberglass
  • Aluminized Kevlar


  • Zippers
  • Breather Plugs to allow Air to escape in Sealed Bellows
  • Stiffeners like Steel Rings or Nylon Cores

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