Way Covers & Slide Bearing Covers and Flat / Strip type covers are used in applications such as:

  • Machine ways and slideway protection
  • Protection of linear guides from debris and impinging objects
  • Dust, visual or aesthetic barriers for light-duty or medical environments or robotics.

Keeping foreign material off your guideways ensures a more accurate and long-lasting machine.  Hy-du-ex way covers, are designed specifically to protect way surfaces or machine slideways from dust, dirt, chips, oils, coolants, sparks and other abrasives.

Let us know what your needs are and we can suggest a suitable material.

We offer numerous bellows construction options combined with a wide variety of materials to customize your design.

  • Repair Way Covers – Way covers are vital to achieve the increased production levels needed to be competitive in today’s manufacturing environments. So, when one of your covers gets damaged, don’t worry. Let our skilled team put their many years of experience to work to repair your cover for you.

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